Negative Reviews Got You Down?

it is way too easy for some crackpot to just post anything they want online to make you look like a monster.

If the review can be shown to violate the sites guidelines there are ways to get those bad reviews removed but only if they broke a rule when they did their post. These include threats, harassment, lewdness, hate speech, fake reviews from competitors, relevance, photos or videos of customers, using photos that are not theirs and most of all people who are using the review to demand a refund.

Lets be honest though many sites including Google and Yelp are terrible at following their own guidelines. So while removing them is ideal if that’s not possible (and often it is not) it is possible to increase your good reviews by making it easier for your customers to post them. While you can not ask for reviews you can post links to places where customers can review you.

If when someone searches the name of your business you get Google suggested searches that are harmful to your company you need to deal with those right now. You have no idea how many people are seeing that and just not even visiting your site. These suggested searches take some time to get solved so you need to act right away. If there is a news story about you its going to be very time consuming and difficult to get that buried so if you are looking for a quick fix I hate to tell you but its not out there.