Home Services SEO

Did your business used to rely on the yellow pages for customers and now are missing out on the traffic that’s going to your competition online? Face it the first page of Google is the one and only place to be for marketing. I have seen clients who ran billboards, radio and TV and still organic traffic was 95% of their business. If you sell to consumers then you need to be on page 1, preferably at the top. That holds especially true of the home services trades. People trust the top of the search results. A good chunk of people think that Google evaluates the companies that appear at the top and rank them accordingly so being on the top gives you instant credibility. It is also a good idea to have lots of before after photos if you do any sort of home improvements or repairs and you really want to educate the customer on the many different aspects of the business.

The ability to rank in the maps listings comes down to a number of factors one is citations you can see examples of those on our local listings page. The more you can show Google that you are real the more it helps you rank. Another factor is of course properly setting up those citations and that’s part of where a good SEO service makes all the difference in the world. Another factor is schema data and that component has now become vita to good rankings. If you would like to see how that works give us a call and set up a time to see just what we do and how we do it.

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